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White Label LMS Platform for eLearning and Training

The capability to preserve your brand's identity is a crucial factor for the success of a learning management system (LMS), and the DrivEd white label LMS feature enables you to achieve this.


Benefits of white label LMS software with DrivEd


Cost-effective LMS

DrivEd LMS is a cost-effective white label LMS software that can save you significant time and resources compared to developing your own customized LMS. With DrivEd, you won't need to hire a team of UX specialists, developers, course developers, instructional designers, etc., to build your platform.


New product launch

If you're interested in quickly launching new courses on your platform, DrivEd whitelabel eLearning platform is the perfect solution. You can get started in just a few days and take advantage of new business opportunities.


Easy-to-use LMS

With DrivEd’s user-friendly customizable LMS, you can effortlessly customize your platform, training, and reports to match your organization's branding. By adjusting the settings in your LMS platform and uploading your company's logo, you can easily white label your DrivEd learning management system.


Rise in business revenue

Implementing DrivEd white label LMS platform can lead to a rise in your business revenue. By setting your own price structure for courses, you can create new revenue streams that complement your existing business.


Focus on your main areas

With DrivEd customizable white label training courses, you can easily tailor it to your business needs and focus on your core areas like product design, development, and implementation. This enables you to optimize your resources and achieve your business goals.

Key features of DrivEd white label LMS platform


Content builder

Empower teachers with our content builder and library feature for efficient content creation and sharing.



Motivate students with challenges, badges, progress tracking and leaderboards through our gamification features.


Course management

See the catalog of courses with the ability to perform various actions such as see the number of participants, coaches, lessons and their content.


Knowledge base

Easily create articles - upload images, choose categories, answer participants’ questions as an admin. Ask questions and get answers in the form of articles.



You can now modify your platform to your own taste, changing its logo, favicon, default images and primary colors in text and buttons.



Foster community among students with DrivEd's community feature for interaction at school, group and teacher level.


Insightful custom reports

Track progress over time to make data-driven decisions and improve the overall online learning experience and learning process.


Linear & non-linear study

Learn the material either step by step with no ability to see next lessons or randomly for seamless learning experience.


Certificates generation

Create, manage and assign certificates to certain white label online courses. You’ll have a certificates catalog where you can see all the details and edit them.

Get a white label learning management system with the look and feel of your own brand

With the DrivEd white label learning management system, you can customize the look and feel of your design, notifications, emails, and certificates to match your brand identity.

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Customize your online training space

DrivEd offers you the ability to tailor your online training space to your unique needs. With its LMS customization features, you can create a personalized learning environment that aligns with your organization's branding and goals.


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