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Language Training LMS

Discover a cutting-edge LMS for language schools. Our LMS is the ultimate solution to transform the way you manage, deliver, and enhance language education. Explore the future of language education with us.


All-in-one solution for language schools

Transform language school with DrivEd LMS – all-in-one solution for managing and growing business.


Boost student engagement

Engage and motivate students with interactive, personalized features.


Empower teachers with tools

Empower teachers with user-friendly tools for effective instruction.


User-friendly experience

Easy-to-use interface for all users: admins, mentors, and learners.

Features of learning management system for language schools


Personalized teaching

Tailor your language learning experience with personalized lessons and feedback, adapting to your unique needs and goals.



Efficiently manage your language courses and sessions with a user-friendly scheduling tool, ensuring you never miss a class.



Connect with fellow language learners, teachers, and experts to exchange knowledge, insights, and support within a vibrant online community.



Make learning fun and engaging through gamification elements that turn language lessons into enjoyable challenges and achievements.


Content builder & library

Create, access, and share a wide range of language resources, including lessons, exercises, and multimedia content.


Assessment & Question banks

Evaluate your language proficiency with comprehensive assessments and a repository of questions to help you practice and improve.


Insightful reports

Stay informed about your progress and areas for improvement through detailed reports, enabling data-driven decision-making.


Constant communication

Foster continuous communication between students, instructors, and the school, facilitating feedback, questions, and updates.


Blended learning

Seamlessly combine traditional and digital learning methods for a holistic language education experience that suits your needs.

Types of exercises for interactive language learning

Our platform offers a diverse range of activities designed to enhance your language skills in an enjoyable and effective manner. Explore the various exercise formats we have to offer:

image One correct answer
image A few correct answers
image Fill in the gaps
image Rearrange words
image Matching
image Open question

Choose one correct answer from the list of proposed options. It can be any type of option: from picture to audio.


Choose one or more correct answers from the list of proposed options. It can be any type of option as well.


Write your answer based on the context. We will tell you immediately if you got something wrong.


Rearrange jumbled words to form a meaningful sentence. It will promote your linguistic abilities and cognitive processes.


Drag and drop correct variants opposite the proposed options. Experiment with content types and options.


Write your answer, record a video, audio or attach a file to fully cover a question. Your answer will be checked by the mentor.


Types of the lessons that DrivEd LMS provides


Self-paced lessons

This approach offers flexibility and autonomy, enabling students to revisit challenging topics, dive deeper into areas of interest, and accommodate their personal schedules. Self-paced lessons often feature online modules, interactive exercises, and assessments, allowing students to measure their own progress and mastery of the material.

team work

Group lessons

These lessons are often structured around a fixed schedule, with a designated instructor guiding the group through the curriculum. Group lessons promote social interaction, communication skills, and teamwork. Participants can engage in discussions, group projects, and interactive activities, which can enhance their language proficiency and cultural understanding.

individual lessons

Individual lessons

These lessons offer a highly personalized learning experience, allowing the instructor to adapt the curriculum to the learner's strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. Individual lessons are ideal for students who require focused attention, have unique learning challenges, or seek to accelerate their language acquisition.

Combined lessons

Combined lessons

By blending these approaches, learning management systems for language schools can cater to a wider range of learning preferences. Students can access self-paced materials to build foundational knowledge, participate in group lessons for collaborative learning experiences, and receive individualized coaching when they encounter specific challenges or need to refine particular skills.


For now, DrivEd supports only English, but we can customize the platform with required language.

For detailed pricing information, please contact our sales team. The cost of DrivEd LMS for language teaching may vary based on factors such as the scale of your institution, the number of users, and the specific features you require.

Yes, our learning management system for language schools offers seamless integrations with a range of popular third-party applications and tools such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, Quizlet, WordWall, H5P, Wordpress, etc. These integrations enhance the functionality of the platform and enable a more streamlined, efficient learning experience.

Certainly, DrivEd's LMS provides a feature for generating certificates. This allows you to recognize and reward the achievements of your students, offering them official proof of their language learning accomplishments.

Absolutely, DrivEd learning management systems for language learning allows you to customize the student placement policy to align with your language school's specific needs and criteria. This flexibility ensures that students are appropriately assigned to the right courses and levels, optimizing their learning journey.

Expert consultation & demo access

Receive personalized support and a free demo account. Consult with our team to find the best fit for your needs, only pay after satisfaction.


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