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Managing user roles in DrivEd LMS

There are three user roles in DrivEd LMS to help you organize the learning process: Admin, Coach, Participant. Each role has a set of permissions and can be modified according to your organization’s needs. To see all roles, go to the left sidebar, click on ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Roles’.

On the ‘Roles’ page you will see the list of roles within your DrivEd setup. Each role has a separate tab where you can edit the role rights and permissions by putting or removing a checkmark next to the specific activity.

To edit the role, click on three dots next to the role name. You will be suggested to do the following:

- Show users: If you click on ‘Show users’, you will be forwarded to the page with the list of all users within the role.

- Rename the role: By clicking on ‘Rename role’ you will be able to change the role name and choose a different role icon.

- Duplicate the role: This option allows duplicating the role with all settings applied to it.

- Manage dashboard: By clicking on this action, you will be forwarded to the role's dashboard.

- Grant all permissions: Clicking on this action will result in granting all permissions to the role in DrivEd LMS.

- Revoke all permissions: This action will revoke all permissions from the role you edit.

- Preview as this role: You can use the preview action to see how the LMS will look like for a specific role with a set of permissions applied.

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